It’s been a long two weeks. I was busy with NOVUS and a week-long residency at Dickinson College, a concert for the opening of a new hall at Messiah College, Alarm Will Sound and two intense days at the Eastman School of Music, another day in Rochester to do a masterclass for students at the Eastman School, back to Messiah College for a recording session with their brass ensemble, two more days of teaching and another recording session at Messiah. I hope to write about most of these things but I’m going to start with the one that’s easiest to compile my materials on: 1969.

1969 is Alarm Will Sound’s multimedia concert event that focuses on that year. Particularly, it centers on a meeting that could have happened (but did not) between John Lennon (“left field pop music writer”) and Karlheinz Stockhausen (“left field avant garde composer”). We’ve performed the show more than a handful of times now including at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall but returning to it is still exciting. The powerful images and music from that one year give me goosebumps every time. I took some pictures from this production:

Miles and Chandalier
Miles Brown
Mike Harley playing the bassoon.
The top of the show. Alan Pierson playing “A Day in the Life.”
My instruments
Conversation between Lennon, Berio and Stockhausen
Robert Stanton
Robert Stanton rehearsing as Stockhausen
Lennon, Berio and Berio
John Patrick Walker as John Lennon and David Chandler as Luciano Berio
One note
Stockhausen discussing Sri Auribindo
Lennon in front of image from civil rights riots
Performing Stockhausen’s Stimmung
I arranged these songs for my wife to sing.
Courtney Orlando accompanied by Erin Lesser in Luciano Berio’s “Michelle II,” his setting of The Beatles’s song.
More Michelle
O King
Images from “O King”
Jason Price as Father David Barrigan
Jackie O
Christa Robinson as Jackie O
Mike Harley rehearses his role as Leonard Bernstein
Conducting Courtney Orlando’s arrangement of the third movement of Berio’s Sinfonia
There would be prejudice
Recreating Yoko Ono’s attempt to remove prejudice by wearing a bag
The ladies swooning over Lennon
Robert Stanton as Stockhausen

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