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Trombone for the Holidays

Top picks for holiday gifts.

General Accessories: 
Shar 3 in 1 Metronome and Tuner – An excellent clip-on device that can tune by vibration.
Boss BR-80 Micro Br Digital Recorder – Portable multi-track recorder.
Hercules Trombone Stand – A trombone stand that fits in the bell.  A little heavy but extremely convenient.

Trombone Maintenance:
Slide-O-Mix – I prefer the two bottle system but others like the Rapid Comfort system (one bottle).
Hetman Valve Oil – The rotary, linkage and ball joint lubricants are must-haves for valve systems.
Spray bottle – The most easily lost piece of equipment, a trombonist can always use an extra.
Spit valve corks – They seem to fall out at the most inopportune times.  Carrying a few extras never hurts.

Best Brass – On the pricey side but incredible quality.
Jo-Ral – Their brass bottom straight mute is my go-to.

Shires – I’ve been playing on one for almost ten years and wouldn’t consider changing.
Thein – If I had piles of cash lying around I’d buy one of their bass trumpets in a heartbeat and I might as well grab a contrabass bone for giggles while I’m at it.

ITA Journals – A wealth of information stretching back to 1971.
Trombone: Its History and Music, 1697-1811 – A not inexpensive volume on the history of the trombone.  In all honesty I’ve never had the opportunity to read it but I’m extremely curious about it.