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Contemporary Trombone Excerpts – Ayres, In the Alps

No. 42 (In the Alps), Richard Ayres

Melodrama for soprano and chamber orchestra (2008)

No. 42 (In The Alps) by Richard Ayres is an orchestral trombonist’s dream: part Strauss, part Rossini, part Mahler, mostly hilarious. Here’s how the composer Richard Ayres describes it:

No.42 (In the Alps) could perhaps best be described as a melodrama. It combines many of the subjects that fascinate me: the relationship of text narrative and musical narrative, the history of opera, early cinema, the theatrical practices of the nineteenth century, along with the folk and popular music of the Alpine region.

A girl (the soprano), stranded on top of an un-climbable mountain peak as a young baby, is taught to sing by the mountain animals. Young Bobli lives in the village far below the un-climbable peak. He was born mute and communicates with the world by playing the trumpet. Bobli hears the soprano’s song drifting down into the valley. The soprano listens to Bobli’s trumpet tunes blown up to her by the wind. They are both enchanted.

The three acts are separated by interludes describing how three animals experience time passing in relation to a musical tempo.

Like any self respecting melodrama the text and music combine to depict or imply a wide ranging theatrical adventure, in this piece starting at the Creation (or the big bang), a lonely existence, scenes of rustic village life, some carpentry, many mountain goats, unrequited love, and ending in a quest destined to fail.  In a live performance the text [provided with the performance material] is to be projected on a screen behind the musicians in the style of silent movie intertitles.

Richard Ayres

In the Alps calls for a brass section with two trumpets, two French horns, bass trombone, and tuba. The bass trombone (and this is definitely a bass trombone part) performs both as an ensemble voice as well as a soloist. The piece was written for the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble with Barbara Hannigan (recording available here), and the bass trombone part created with Brandt Attema‘s playing in mind.

Act I, Prelude – Straussian

The trombone first enters as an ensemble member at Rehearsal D (Act I, Prelude). This loud moment comes as a surprise after an opening reminiscent of the beginning of Mahler’s First Symphony (ppp). The trombone is doubled with the tuba and both are marked only f, whereas the low woodwinds and double bass, playing different material, are marked fff. This is likely a case of the composer being aware that a trombone f is different than a bassoon f and attempting to balance the instruments.

The fun begins.

Between rhl D and E the brass section plays a Straussian klangfarbenmelodie. At rhl E the ensemble is quiet again and tension builds leading to rhl F. Rhl F contains none of the lyricism of D. The ensemble is in almost complete rhythmic unison on these ff notes. The motives shift abruptly and at unexpected times due to the meter changes.

Rhl G is a sweep of contrary motion that gathers momentum and leads us to full-ensemble rhythmic unison beginning three measures before rhl H.

Act I, Scene 1 – Snoring Bears

The next trombone entrance is with tuba, contrabassoon, and double bass at the end of Act I, Scene 1. The scene introduces the animals of the Alps one-by-one starting with the song of the nightingale, then the “song” of the cicada, then the hooting of the owl, then the toad, and on and on until the snoring of the mountain bear. By the time the low quartet enters the orchestration is quite thick and it might take a bit of effort to from the full ensemble and quartet to create a balance where the snoring can be heard.

Snoring bears cover quite a range.

(Note: I’m skipping some fun passages but I feel the need to be a bit choosy about things to include.)

Excerpt from Richard Ayres, No. 42 (In The Alps) (Act II, Scene 4) performed by Alarm Will Sound

Act II, Scene 4 – “Bobli Dance”

The town band.

“Bobli’s Dance” (Act II, Scene 4) is a riotous, warped polka that switches between simple and compound subdivisions. While the trombone has the melody at rhl L, it’s secondary to the trumpet (Bobli) who plays “rough, indistinct pedal tones” only occasionally. Bobli is learning to play the trumpet and the rest of the ensemble is the town band backing him up. Playing the passage accurately at tempo requires a nimble slide and special attention to articulations that switch from legato to staccato. The hairpin dynamics can be slightly tricky as well: first the subito mp at L, then the hairpin cresc/dim in the subsequent measures.

Act II, Scene 5 – Low Notes!

I had to count ledger lines and pitches to figure out what note this lick begins on.
Excerpt from Richard Ayres, No. 42 (In The Alps) (Act II, Scene 5) performed by Alarm Will Sound

I have to point out Act II, Scene 5, rhl HH as it is the only ff pedal B I know of in the repertoire. The bass trombone is once again with our buddies contrabassoon, tuba, and double bass. The line moves, in unison, seven octaves up the ensemble ending on a ridiculously high E played as a string harmonic.

Act III, Scene 1: The Solo

The actual “excerpt” from In the Alps happens in Act III, Scene 1, close to the end of the piece within a storm sequence.

Excerpt from Richard Ayres, No. 42 (In The Alps) (Act III, Scene 1), beginning c. 8 measures before the trombone solo, performed by Alarm Will Sound
The storm solo.

The god Zeus is sitting atop a mountain, feeling ungod-like. He attempts some grandiosity (portrayed by a tuba solo) but when he fails he lets out a sigh that turns into a great storm. At the peak of the storm the trombone enters.

“Peak of the storm” means that once again projection can be problematic. Lone trombone against the full ensemble. What’s more, the rest of the ensemble gets to coast on less technically demanding music. Like the mountain bear earlier, it can be a challenge to project over the ensemble.

While there are significant technical demands in terms of dynamic (full, projected, evocative of a raging storm brought on by a god), range (three and a half octaves in the final phrase), and articulation (triple tonguing makes the ending easier), the rhythm provides its own challenge. The majority of measures contain triplets over beats. These can be challenging to execute. I found the two most effective methods to practice and perform the excerpt were:
1. To think in eighth note subdivisions, essentially reconceptualizing the passage as quarter notes and quarter note triplets in 6/4, and
2. To internalize the feeling of where the duple falls within each hemiola, making sure that the beat lands after the second eighth note in the triplet (the “ing” of “George Wash-ing-ton”)

2/3 hemiola

Bonus tip 3 that helps 100% of the time: slow it down.

It’s also good to have an understanding of the music that occurs before the trombone entrance. In the chaos of the storm it can be easy to lose track of where you are in the measure. The horns obscure beat 1 by tying across the bar lines and the upper woodwinds and strings play quarter notes in groups of two that can create a feeling of being in 4. It’s best to cue into your buddies in the low woodwinds.

Personal story about performing this piece: This was the first piece I ever performed in concert on bass trombone. I got my instrument in July of 2013 and Alarm Will Sound performed this piece at Carnegie Hall in April of 2014. When I first saw the part I had thoughts about subbing out the gig. Instead I decided to go all in. I scheduled time every day to practice, starting in sections, under tempo, and gradually doing longer and longer chunks at faster speeds. By the time of the concert (which also included music of Donnacha Dennehy, and new works by Kate Moore and Kaki King), I was feeling alright.

Richard Ayres was there for the rehearsals and performance and had nothing to say about the solo. After the concert we all gathered at a bar in Manhattan. I joined Richard at the bar and said, “you wrote one beast of a bass trombone part.” To which he replied something to the effect of, “Oh yeah, you know you didn’t have to play all of that! When I received the commission they told me they had a monster bass trombonist in the ensemble and I should write something really hard for him. I never expected anyone else would play the part!”

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Open Instrumentation Pieces

Here we are again. The last time I had difficulty finding music for my purposes I put together a database of Trombone in Mixed Chamber Music. This time it’s open instrumentation pieces.

This is a work-in-progress and will, most likely, never be complete. If you notice an omission, feel free to let me know. If you notice a mistake, ditto.

I hope this list serves you well.

Open Instrumentation Composition Database

A non-comprehensive list of open instrumentation pieces. For "# of Performers," 'variable' could mean anything from 1 on up, though most require at least a handful of performers; I attempted to specifically note pieces that require only one or two. Please contact me if you notice a piece that is missing or if you have corrections for info in the database. I attempted to avoid fully graphic scores. The notation systems are: 'pitch and rhythm' (mostly traditional notation typically with instructions), 'text' (fully or nearly fully text instructions), and 'animated' (notation involving elements of graphic and traditional). Open cells in the chart indicate that I have no information on this aspect of the work.
ComposerTitleYear# of PerformersDurationNotationDetails
Abis, AmoretWhen2013cello solo with 4 variable and piano9'pitch and rhythm[Score][Details/Performance]
Ahn, JeanSalt2007/2016variable with pianovariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Andriessen, LouisWorkers' Union1975variable15'-20'pitch and rhythm[Score][Details][Performance]
Ablinger, PeterBlack Series2010-2012variabletext[Details]
Albert, ThomasA Maze (With Grace)1975/2003variablevariable[Details][Performance]
Albert, ThomasDevil's Rain1986variablevariable[Details][Performance]
Albert, Thomas...And It Comes Out Here1973variablevariable[Details]
Atkins, MichaelAntiphonal20022 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Atkins, MichaelAutumn Thoughts20034 or more with speaking and optional snare drumpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Atkins, MichaelDo Geese See God20011 with variable voicespitch and rhythm[Score]
Atkins, MichaelLoose Canon20023 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Bailie, JoannaHildegardstrasse/Bundesalle20194 or more6'15"pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Barlow, Diamond LukePartial Recovery20044 or more (treble and bass)5'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Barrett, RichardCodex V200712 or more[Details][Performance]
Barry, GeraldBaroness von Ritkart20145'[Details]
Báthory-Kitsz, Dennis99 Events for the Found, the Made, and the Natural2007variablevariabletext[Details][Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisCalifornia Exile Sour19751 and 2 groups5'pitch and rhythm and text[Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisCandled Piano Music19754 with piano3'-7'text[Details][Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisCat Music for Claire and Tom19722 with cats1 yeartext[Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisDEX2017variable10'-15'text and graphic[Details][Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisDEX II 3d2018variable10'-15'text and graphic[Details][Score][Performance]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisDoctor Dollar's Magic Salad19722-125'-20'text[Details][Score][Performance]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisGendarme1977991 yeartext[Details][Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisA Little Shade Music for Maggie1992320'-40'text[Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisMalpractice Insurance19752variabletext[Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisPermutrance V19861variabletext[Score][Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisSpecimen197563'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisTeething Rings19751variabletext[Details][Score]
Báthory-Kitsz, DennisThread Count20149 strings and conductor17' or longerpitch and rhythm with text[Details][Score]
Beglarian, EveAll Ways2001variable3'30"[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveBrownie Feet2008variable4'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveThe Continuous Life2000variable14'30"[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveDid he promise you tomorrow?2011variable3'30"[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveEarly in the Morning2010variable8'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveThe Flood2008variable3'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveFrom the Same Melancholy Fate201516'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveIn Huts and on Journeys2017speaker and mobile phones2'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveI am really a very simple person2010variable5'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveThe Island of Sirens2011vocalist and 3 instrumentalists[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveLight Up Your Face2013actor, singer, and variable5'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveMachaut in the Age of Motown2005variable5'30"[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveMachaut in the Machine Age I: Douce dame jolie1986variable5'
Beglarian, EveThe Marriage of Heaven and Hell1994variable14'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveMichael's Spoon1984variable7'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EvePlay Like a Girl2014variable3'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EvePreciosilla19901 Single-line instrument and tape[Score]
Beglarian, EveUntil it Blazes20011 plucked string instrument5'-25'[Score][Performance]
Beglarian, EveWalking Music200285'-12'[Score]
Bermel, DerekOrbit Design20123 or morevariabletext[Details][Performance]
Beuger, Antoinededekind duos2003230'[Score]
Beuger, Antoineein ton. eher kurz. sehr leise1998230'[Score]
Beuger, Antoinetouw (voor joop)19981 to 816'[Score]
Bevan, DavidJazz Suite20183 or more with piano, percussion, and bass instrument7'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Bohigian, JosephLullaby for Stepanakert20204 treble, drones, electronics5'pitch and rhythm[Details/Performance]
Bohigian, JosephPlus-Minus20183 8'pitch and rhythm[Details/Performance]
Bonnici, IvorCounterpoint and Motion20084 or more instruments (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Bordoli, SamuelXXVII IV MDCCXLIX201011 or more pitched instruments with 1 percussion and conductorvariablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Bowler, Laura JayneLacquer20083 or more with 2 percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Brandes, Daniela dwelling place for you20142[Score][Performance]
Brandes, Danieleach one: enfolded…loved…20172 or more players (alone, together, alone-together)[Score][Performance]
Brandes, Danielfolksong20152 playing/singing/whistling musicians and gated-tape[Score][Performance]
Brandes, Danielintimations of melody20122 to 5 melody instruments20'[Score][Performance]
Brandes, Danielplaces of refuge…of healing2015/2016for 1 player alone (or a few players alone-together)[Score][Performance]
Brandes, DanielA tenuous we20137 musicians (more or less)25'[Score][Performance]
Brandes, Danieltwo20152[Score][Performance]
Brandes, Danielwith our shadows20132 (one sustaining, one decaying)[Score][Performance]
Braxton, AnthonyGhost Trance Music Composition No. 19319965 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Braxton, AnthonyGhost Trance Music Composition No. 22819975 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Braxton, AnthonyGhost Trance Music Composition No. 24520005 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Braxton, AnthonyGhost Trance Music Composition No. 25520005 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Braxton, AnthonyGhost Trance Music Composition No. 35820065 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Brindley, GilesThe Four Temperaments; variations on a theme from Schoenberg’s wind quintet20044 parts[Details]
Broadley, BobRich Pickings20054 or more with percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Buene, EivindTextpiece No. 420113 or more12text[Details/Score]
Burke, ChristineAt a Steady and Consistent Rate20177 or more[Details][Performance]
Burke, ChristineFat Sunset20187 sustaining instrumentspitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Burke, Christinefor 5+ Performers20165 or more[Details][Performance]
Burke, Christine[r]amp2019[Details][Performance]
Burnell, PaulAll the Same20004 variable with bass line and percussion[Details]
Burnell, PaulDreamer Carolvariable with handbells4'[Details]
Burnell, PaulFour Minutes - Four Daydreams2000variable4'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Burnell, PaulKiss2002[Details]
Cage, JohnFive198855'pitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Campkin, AlexanderCounting my numberless fingers20074 or more with piano and percussion5'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Caradon, SulyenDorian Dirge19981 or more[Performance]
Cashian, PhilipAutumn Choruses2007variable with piano and 2 percussion7'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Cashian, PhilipBraggadocio2014variable1'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Cashian, PhilipMechanik2003variable4'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Cardew, CorneliusOctet '61 - for Jasper Johns1961variablepitch and rhythm[Performance]
Cardew, CorneliusSchooltime Compositions1968variablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Cardew, CorneliusSchooltime Special1968variabletext[Score][Performance]
Cardew, CorneliusSextet - The Tiger's Mind1967variabletext[Score]
Cardew, CorneliusSolo with Accompaniment1964variablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Cardew, CorneliusVolo Solo19641[Score][Performance]
Carlsen, JamesSuite for Four Unspecified Instruments195846'pitch and rhythm[Performance]
Causton, RichardTunings20074 or more with 2 percussion and fixed media5'30"pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Chacon, RavenAdiits’a’ii [Loud Interpreter]2005variable[Score]
Chacon, RavenEcho Contest20052text[Score]
Chacon, RavenRound2007variable plus turntable[Score]
Chacon, RavenScream Out of Each Window2005variabletext[Score]
Chacon, RavenWhisper Trio2008three[Info]
Chang, JohnnyAnthem20112 groups of between 4 - 12 singing instrumentalists, percussion10'[Score]
Chang, JohnnyEncounters2007/2011210'[Score]
Chang, JohnnyFolk Music Background20122 to 425'[Score][Performance]
Chang, JohnnyHaikus20112variable[Score][Performance]
Chang, Johnny“I walk out of the terrain with counting steps" (…trete Ich in Zählschritten das Gelände aus …)20133 singing / speaking instrumentalistvariable[Score][Performance]
Chang, JohnnyOpera: Hildegard20092variable[Score]
Chang, JohnnyOpera: Monteverdi2008voice and 3 instruments (any combination of the following decaying, wind and string instruments: flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, viola, violoncello, piano, guitar etc.) 30'[Score][Performance]
Chang, JohnnyVon Bingen Background2013voice and 2 instruments (or 2 pairs of like-instruments)20'[Score]
Chang, JohnnyWestphalian Fragments (Dortmund Coast)2006variable20'-30'[Score][Performance]
Charke, DerekBeat2012variable15'-45'[Score][Performance]
Charke, DerekDon't Be Alarmed2011variable6'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Charke, DerekShadow Leaves Shimmer2018variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Charke, DerekSpin2012variable with keyboard, drum set, and electronic soundtrack9'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Chatburn, KatieParade Fanfare20141[Details]
Chen, CarolynThe character for ant contains the character for justice2006variable[Performance]
Chen, CarolynDeclaration20175+[Score]
Chen, CarolynIn 1839 it was considered elegant to take a tortoise out walking 2017variable[Performance]
Cox, JessieAfter-were(l)ds2019[Info][Performance]
Cox, JessieExistence lies In-Between201720'[Info][Performance]
Cox, JessieQuantify2017[Info][Performance]
Crane, LaurenceMore Spa Towns201112 or more8'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Davidson, LyleA Vermont Notebook for Christian Wolff[Recording]
Davies, TansyFeather and Groove2008/2015variable5'30"pitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Davies, TansyThe Second Key2011/2016mezzo soprano or countertenor and 10 or more instrumentalists8'30"pitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Davis, Daniel Thomasin praise of sensible shoes20068 or more[Details]
Dawson, PhilipOrbits 201015 or more with fixed media and mobile phones7'[Details]
Dennehy, DonnachaA Fatal Optimist200844'[Details][Performance]
Dennehy, DonnachaFlashbulb20063 melody instruments and 1 struck instrument1'30"[Details]
Dennehy, DonnachaMild, Medium-Lasting, Artificial Happiness20044 similar sounding instruments2'[Details][Performance]
Dicke, IanMiriam20123 to 8 treble instruments, and 3 to 5 bass instrumentsvariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Drexler, DavidTiny Cheesehead Canon on a Ground20132 or morevariablepitch and rhythm[Info][Score][Recording]
Eastman, JuliusFemenine1974variable72'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Eastman, JuliusGay Guerrilla1979variable (similar instruments)29'[Score][Recording]
Eastman, JuliusJoy Boy19744 treble instruments9'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Eastman, JuliusStay On It1973variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Edwards, KenFour Simultaneous Movements20024 or more with conductorpitch and rhythm[Details]
Feldman, David VictorHexagonal Music1979variable[Score][Performance]
Feldman, David VictorThe Note in Your Pocket (My Travels Through Hexachord Space)2[Performance]
figgis-vizueta, intiForm the Fabric2020variable7'[Details]
figgis-vizueta, intiMusic for Chocolate20182 or more, chocolate, and amplification8'+[Details]
figgis-vizueta, intinew cosmologies2020variable8'[Details]
figgis-vizueta, intiolder blood20183 or more6'[Details]
figgis-vizueta, intiplacing ceremony201845'[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelBack on Earth2004-2005variable[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelDéjà fait2006variable[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelEttelijke bange eenden2001variable11'[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelFalse notions of progress19973variable[Details][Recording]
Finnissy, MichaelForest1974variablevariable[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelHoe weinig begrijpen wij2001variable1'[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelLate Hey with Three Bees20142 solo treble instruments with variable1'[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelMolly House2004variable (with soloists, keyboards and electric household-gadgets)[Score][Recording]
Finnissy, MichaelMoon's goin' down19801 or voice4'[Details]
Finnissy, Michaeln1969-19721-48'[Score]
Finnissy, MichaelNot envious of rabbits20141 or more4'30"[Details][Score]
Finnissy, MichaelNotre Dame Polyphony2001-20026 or 98'[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelPlain Harmony1993variable10'[Score][Recording]
Finnissy, MichaelPost-Christian Survival Kit2003-2005variable10'[Score]
Finnissy, MichaelRecent Britain1998up to 4 musicians with (optional) assistant and pre-recorded tape(s)25'[Score]
Finnissy, MichaelUncharacteristic Marches1999-2009variable10'[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelVigany’s Cabinet2004-2005variable15'[Score][Recording]
Finnissy, MichaelVon Gloeden Postcards2003piano solo plus variable[Details]
Finnissy, MichaelYso2007variable[Details]
Floyd, JamieOde to Woe20205 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Frey, Jürg60 pieces of sound2009at least 3 instruments25'[Score][Performance]
Frey, JürgOmbres exactes sans dureté2009310'[Score][Performance]
Frey, JürgPetit fragment de paysage200927'30"[Score][Performance]
Frey, JürgTendre enchaînement de valeurs200969'[Score][Performance]
Fulton, RubyMeditation on a Scale20184 or morevariabletext, pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Galvani, Marco CesarConstellations20164 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Gilbert, AnthonyEven in Flames the Thames can’t hold a candle to the wandle20076'[Details]
Glass, PhilipMusic in Fifths1969variable21'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Goode, DanielCaller's Musicvariable[Score]
Goode, DanielChord Progressionvariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielHear the Sound of Random Numbers 1978variabletext[Score][Performance]
Goode, Danieli↔ou1980variablevariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielLeaverage1999variablevariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielMantra Swing1978variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Goode, DanielNod Drama1993variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Goode, DanielThe Red and White Cows1979variablevariabletext[Score][Performance]
Goode, DanielShaking Musicvariablevariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielStanding in the Dark2 or morevariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielThree Talking Sculptures for Election Day1992variable with tapevariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielWalking Piece1976variablevariabletext[Score]
Goode, DanielWind Symphony1980variablevariabletext[Score]
Goves, LarryHigh-Functioning Middle Class Alcoholism2019variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Grange, PhilipCarillon Rituals201512 plus piano and two percussion6pitch and rhythm[Recording]
Green, AnthonyHover2014variablevariable[Details][Recording]
Green, AnthonyMemo Pieces2014variablevariable[Details][Recording]
Green, AnthonyA Series of Harmonies2018variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Details][Recording]
Hall, AndrewDuress20105 or more[Details]
Halliwell, PaigeFlux20204 or more12'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Hannesson, Marka moment is a window2017variable10'-30'[Score]
Hannesson, Marksmall garden2015variablevariable[Score]
Hannesson, Markundeclared2016variable15'[Score]
Harding, HollieRechaer: ‘The Last Fruits’20078 or more with percussion6'[Details]
Harding, HollieRechaer: ‘The Last Fruits’20078 or more with percussion6'[Details]
Harding, Hollie230 Strings20178'
Harding, HollieSpatial Study on Rotation201719'
Harrison, BrynFive Miniatures in Three Parts200835'pitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Harrison, BrynPlane Image2007variable8'10"pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)The 120 Days of Sodom/Must We Burn Sade?2017narrator and variablevariabletext[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)as she walks through the fields20175 speaking voicesvariabletext[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Binary Count2017an even number of speaking voicesvariabletext[Score][Notes]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Chakra Song2016variablevariabletext[Score][Notes]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Composition for two performers (any instruments) playing never-before seen instruction on index cards20172at least 30'text[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)John 4:332017variablevariabletext[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Meme20171variabletext[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Silence Backstage20171 or morevariabletext[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)silences20182 or morevariabletext[Score]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Thirteen pages of improvisation20172 or moreat least 15'text[Score][Notes]
Harlow, Sage J (aka Sage Pbbbt)Variations without a theme (drones ongs)2016variablevariabletext[Score][Notes]
Harrex, PatrickObjects in Space20034 to 20[Details]
Harrex, PatrickRhythmical Study – abstract construction20074 or more[Details]
Harrop, ToddNormally Natural19992 to 56'
Hawkins, JohnDivisibility20164 or more with 1 percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Hayes, LiamWater Wheel2020variable5'pitch and rhythm (graphically)[Details/Score]
Hayes, MorganBroken Ground201015 or more with percussionpitch and rhythm[Details][Score]
Hellewell, SimonDispersal I2020variable over video callvariableptich and rhythm
Hennies, SarahEverything Else (for four performers or more)4 or morevariable[Score]
Hennies, SarahGrowing Block20194 to 10variabletext[Details/Score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverImprovisations2020variablevariabletext[Recording]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverIn Extremis2020variablevariabletext[Recording]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverMelody20201variablepitch and rhythm[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverMiniature No. 4202122'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverMiniature No. 5202132'30"text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverNumber Music20201055'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverOctet2020810'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverSeptet20207variabletext[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverSequence20204variabletext[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverSextet2020636'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverSingular Events2020variable55'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverSix Notes: Ascending/Descending20216variablepitch and rhythm[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverTrio202039'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverVienna20201 (sustaining) with organ16'text[score]
Hopkins-Burke, OliverWhenever You're Ready2020variablevariabletext[score]
Hjorth, DanielBeat the Beat
Hjorth, DanielChasing Shadowsvariable with electronics
Hjorth, DanielFree Cycled Modesvariable with electronics
Hjorth, DanielFree Phrases
Hjorth, DanielHippolais
Hjorth, DanielLife Goes On1 with piano
Hjorth, DanielLight the Sky Like a Dawning Fire
Hjorth, DanielMot Himlen
Hjorth, DanielNatus In Speculo1 with piano
Horne, DavidSighs and Declamations2007variable6'[Details]
Houben, Eva-Mariaà l'unisson VIII (dankgesang I)2014variable20'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaà l'unisson XI (dankgesang IV)2015variable6'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaà l'unisson XII (dankgesang V)2015variable10'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaà l'unisson XIII. revival of an old tune2015variable (sustained sounds)variable[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaà l'unisson XIV (dankgesang VI)2015variablevariable[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaà l'unisson XV2020212'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaavalon orchard2013316'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaavalon orchard2013316'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariadeoksugung III2017215'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaduo I2007215'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariacaminho. ein weg - allein2012variable10'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariacaprice roumain2013variable13'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariachorus2010411'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariacome da lontano2013624'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariadeoksugung I / II2014variablevariable[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariadurations2014215'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaecho fantasy I2018variable18'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaecho fantasy IV2018variable12'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaecho fantasy V2018variable10'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaein-tönig20032-1020'-100'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaerwartung 32018variablevariable[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaexercises I20173variable[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaexercises II20174variable[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariafast alle20041224'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariagently swinging harmonies20158 (sustained sounds)20'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariagesang V2016320'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariagesang VII2016420'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariagesang VIII2016225'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariagesang X2016up to 1616'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariagoldberg2020variable15'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaim nu200310 minimum20" (from website... typo?)[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariain nature's realm2020variable25'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaim vorübergehen bewegt2008725'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaintervals - distances2016220'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariait's time to breathe 5 - still alive20202 instruments sustaining soundsvariable[Score]
Houben, Eva-MariaI only went out for a walk2019variable20'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariajanela. ein fenster - für zwei201228'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaeinfach immer da2018220'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Marialandscape 1
co-composer: bileam kümper
Houben, Eva-Marialandscape 2
co-composer: bileam kümper
Houben, Eva-Marialandscape 3
co-composer: bileam kümper
Houben, Eva-Marialandscape 4
co-composer: bileam kümper
Houben, Eva-Marialandscape 5
co-composer: bileam kümper
Houben, Eva-Marialandscape 6
co-composer: bileam kümper
Houben, Eva-Marianah - fern2013212'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Marianur ein klang (3)20093 (same instrument)15'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaohne im geringsten hervorzutreten2018variable15'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaobserving objects2017variable25'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaplaces to listen (1): ravens2014up to 7 players and tape20'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaplaces to listen (2): spring2014variable and tape7'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariathe one - the other2017220'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariarufe2010220'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariasolo(ist)2015variable12'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariasweet and silent harmonies20146 (sustained sounds)24'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariasymphonia2019variable20'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariathe table of silence2017variable45'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariathrongs2009215'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariato be two2009212'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaübergänge2008710'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaunter anderen2017variable15'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariaverschwindungen IV2005245'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariavon da nach da2005335'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariawith one voice (wie aus einem munde)2013variable25'[Score]
Houben, Eva-Mariazwei - für sich2015variablevariable[Score]
Howard, RobertAlla Campana20013pitch and rhythm[Info][Performance]
Howard, RobertAlla Campana II20015pitch and rhythm[Info][Performance]
Howard, RobertA Babe is Born20024 or more instruments and voices/organpitch and rhythm[Info][Performance]
Howard, RobertCarousel20066 or more with percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Howard, RobertCritical Mass20016 or more2'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Howard, RobertFantasy on Anna's Theme20065 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Howard, RobertGhost20024 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Howard, RobertIn Memory III200310pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Howard, RobertJourney20105 or morepitch and rhythm[Info][Performance]
Howard, RobertMusic to Hear20034 or more instruments and voicespitch and rhythm[Info][Performance]
Howard, RobertPromenade II2001variablepitch and rhythm[Details]
Howard, RobertPromenade III200015pitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Howard, RobertPromenade IV20004pitch and rhythm[Info][Performance]
Howard, RobertThree-way Piece20054 or more with percussion3'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Hughes, BernardMechaniks Beach20024 or more6'[Details]
Hunt, JordanThe centre cannot hold...20054 treble soloists and 4 or more7'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Johnson, TomCounting Duets198228'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Johnson, TomEggs and Baskets1987narrator and two instruments12'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Johnson, TomMaximum Efficiency19913 instruments in three octavesvariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Johnson, TomNarayana’s Cows19893 or more16'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Johnson, TomNetworks2007variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Johnson, TomSquares: didactic music for a solo instrument2008110'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Jolliffe, EdmundEye, Nose and Cheek20024 or more4'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Jones, HowardHomage to Miro20104 or more with piano and 2 percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Jones, HowardThe Illusion of Progress20064 or more with 3 percussion8'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Kaiser, Marcusan einem ort - an einem anderen ort20001 instrument and electronics (on-going recordings)55'[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusfor4 (s/u 2.4.4)2014variablevariable[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusgegenwendig20002 instruments/2 sound engineersvariable[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusirgendwo20001 and electronicsvariable[Score]
Kaiser, Marcuslangeweilendes / garten für instrumente1998/1999more than 530'[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusliste (s/u 2.4.3)2013variablevariable[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusliste (s/u[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusnischen in mittlerer lage (s/u 2.1.1.) 2011variable60'xX[Score]
Kaiser, Marcuspostcard2002variable9'[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusumgebung (s/u 1.)2005/2006variable60'xX[Score]
Kaiser, Marcusumgebung verdichtet (s/u 2.)2011variable60'xX[Score]
Kavuma, BlasioPathways201916 or more with conductor, keyboard, and percussionvariablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Kittos, HarisRecreation20028 or more (treble and bass)pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Klaverdal, StefanBeat Music20115 or moretext[Score]
Klaverdal, StefanCadenza Music20123 or moretext[Score]
Klaverdal, StefanConsensus Music20103 or more5' or longerpitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Klaverdal, StefanDelay Music20112 or moretext[Score]
Klaverdal, StefanDrone Music20113 or more5' or longerpitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Klaverdal, StefanTuning Music20043 or more5' or longerpitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Kozlova, Tatjana30 Scales and Postlude2011variablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Lang, DavidIf2020variablevariablepitch and rhythmunpublished
Ledoux, ClaudeAway from the edges2014variablevariable[Score]
Levene, ElaineFanfare20144 or more1'00pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Lewis, GeorgeArcades20184 or more8'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Lewis, GeorgeArtificial Life2007variable[Score][Performance]
Lewis, GeorgeShadowgraph, 51977variablevariablepitch and rhythm
Lister, RodneyA Journal of the Plague Year2020variable14'pitch and rhythm
Lister, RodneySestina6 or more4'pitch and rhythm
Lister, RodneyTill Elevators Drop Us From Our Days4 plus keyboard or morepitch and rhythm
Lister, RodneyVirelai4 or more3'pitch and rhythm
Luna, DavidQuoth the Raven20163 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
MacDonald, PaytonModules2019variablevariable[Performance]
Mainwood, ValMaking a Mark20026'[Details]
McCauley, EdVicious Circle20044 parts7'[Details]
McGowan, NedEarthly Chants20166 similar instruments or solo and tape24'[Details][Performance]
McGowan, NedFor Bob201510?12'[Details/Score][Performance]
McGowan, NedStupid Neck Chain20156'pitch and rhythm[Details][Performance]
Meites, NoahThe Lake in the Ocean20134 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Minchew, EveretteBoreas2018large ensemble
Minchew, EveretteBoreas Redux2018variable
Minchew, EveretteFour Notes2015large ensemblepitch and rhythm
Minchew, EveretteLandscape at Twilight2017solo trumpet and variable[Performance]
Minchew, EveretteOpen Piece No. 12012variable[Performance]
Minchew, EveretteOpen Piece No. 22013variable
Minchew, EveretteOpen Piece No. 4 “Birthday Music for Carolyn O’Brien”2014solo viola (or violin or cello) and variable [Performance]
Minchew, EveretteOpen Piece No. 52014organ and/or variable[Performance]
Minchew, EveretteOpen Piece No. 62015solo bassoon (or bass clarinet or baritone saxophone or tenor saxophone) and variable[Performance]
Minchew, EveretteOpen Piece No. 72017variable
Minchew, EverettePostcard From Voyager2016variable with piano
Minchew, EveretteReems Creek Idyll20162 treble clef instruments[Performance]
Montague, StephenChorale for the Cauldrons of Hell10'[Score]
Montague, StephenDead Cat Bounce20141'[Details]
Montague, StephenUncaged - January 20041'[Score]
Mossenmark, StaffanPost-Music1993
Munn, ZaeAchieving Sprezzatura2017variable 7'pitch and rhythm[Info][Score][Performance]
Munn, ZaeAlways a New Now20123 (high, medium, low) 6:45pitch and rhythm[Info][Score]
Munn, ZaeNature's Chopsticks2011variable with piano and percussion4:45pitch and rhythm[Info][Score]
Myburgh, JostenSculthorpe studies2019variable pitched instruments and field recordingsvariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Myburgh, JostenThe silver morning shifts their birds from tree to tree20173 or 4 with generative electronics10'text[Score][Performance]
Newland, Paulhusk2009variable10'[Details]
Newman, ChrisSymphony No. 620084? or more with 3 percussion10'20"pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Newman, ChrisSymphony No. 7 Two20103 or more[Details]
Nobles, JordanAether2012variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanAeternum Vale2017variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanCircle of Fifths2016variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanForeign Lands2011variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanGrace2009variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanThe Library of Babel2019variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanMöbius2015variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanNegative Space2017variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanNocturne2013variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanOn a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam2012variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanOstinati2009variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanParallel II1997variable8pitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanPulses1999variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanQuaver1997variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanQuickening2012variable3'-5'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanRogue Waves2012variable5'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanRosetta Stone2016variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanSimulacrum2010variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanSpin2012variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanStill Life2006 rev. 2012variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanStasis2007variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nobles, JordanUndercurrents2008variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Nyman, MichaelIn C Interlude2005variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Oates, JanetC Level201735'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Oates, Janet (editor)Closet Music (book)2013variablemixture (see details)[Details][Score]
Oates, Janet (editor)Closet Music (travel pack)2013variablemixture (see details)[Details][Score]
O'Gorman, AislingCall into Stillness, Fall into Peace20106 part: 2 high, 2 medium, 2 low with optional voices[Details]
Oliveros, PaulineAnthology of Text Scores2013variablevariabletext[Score]
Oliveros, PaulineBonn Feier1977variablevariable[Details]
Oliveros, PaulineDissolving Your Earplugs2006variablevariabletext[Score]
Oliveros, PaulineInner/Outer Matrix2007variablevariabletext[Score]
Oliveros, PaulineOne Hundred Meeting Places2006variablevariabletext[Performance]
Oliveros, PaulineSonic Meditations1974variablevariabletext[Score]
Oliveros, PaulineThe Well and The Gentle1983variablevariabletext with some pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Pajot, JuliaCOMA20103[Details]
Panufnik, RoxannaCom(a)Chord20144 or more1'30"[Details][Performance]
Parkinson, Timsecond song for many2019variable (ideally 5 to 20) with keyboard and fixed media7'30"pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Parsons, MichaelIndependent Pulsesvariable[Info]
Parsons, MichaelRhythmic Canons19983 to 10[Details][Score][Performance Excerpt]
Phillips, Sheenareferendum20164 or more (high, high, medium, low) with 2 percussion6'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Pinnock, NaomiAnother Night Song20134 or more instruments (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) with 2 percussion6'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Pinnock, NaomiFour Humours2003-2004variable with keyboard and percussion7' or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Piper, CharlieCoamer20092 or more with percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Pisaro, Michael4 messages199924x55'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelab da1999voice, 2 or 4 instruments20'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaela little thing1998110'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelAmple2004212'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelappearance Nr. 119981 with sustained tones55'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelappearance Nr. 21998255'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelascending series 12007CD, variable10 x 30'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelascending series 32008variable300'-480'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelascending series 4 (free ascent)2008variable30'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelascending series 520091 to 10044'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelthe best thing2005219'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelThe Collection1999/2000variablevariable[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelConcentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation2011358'40"[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelCycling Time19991variable[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelDérive (2)1999117'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelDiminishing Time1999/20001variable[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelD minor and Bb major
(co-written with Taku Sugimoto)
Pisaro, MichaelA discrete reconciliation between balance and flux2011320'20"[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelencounter Nr. 11998440'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelencounter Nr. 31998440'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelevery night200528'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelfields have ears (4)2009427'40"[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelfields have ears (7)20105, electronics25'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelfields have ears (8)20108010'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelflux200523'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelthe heart of city2005211'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelhinwandeln (zwischen himmel und erd)20053[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelils20054long[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelirais, serais, dirais200525'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelis2005227'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelA little dance200035'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelMy Mind is Drifting20053-645'-60'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelnachtstimmung20071290'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelno longer wild200566'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelNow2005225'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelonly2005/20061very long[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelPas200525'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelPerception 120001 instrument with sustained tonesvariable[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelPerception 220001 instrument with sustained tonesvariable[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelPerception 320001variable
Pisaro, MichaelPerception 420002variable[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelthe rain of alphabets200514133'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelrêve200524'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelricefall20041618'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelricefall (2)20071672'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelRolling2000155'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelthe shipwreck of the singular200555'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaela single charm is doubtful2005413'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelSo little to do2005at least 640'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelSometimes2004415'-69'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelsonnenfern200532'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelStraightening Time/Curving Time1999/20001variable[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelthey all fit20058n x 2'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltombstones2010voice, instruments (variable)150'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltomorrow20055n x 1'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltopographies (10 trios)20063300'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltransparent city (2)2009variable[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltwo days later2005/2006410'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltwo persons1998212'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaeltwo stones20081 to 440'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelunlesbarkeit200532'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaella voix qui dit200525'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelWas was and is20001variable[Score]
Pisaro, Michaela wave and waves2010574'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelwhere there is20055n x 1'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelwie jener am pindar200533'[Score]
Pisaro, MichaelZeit werden2004432'[Score]
Pisaro, Michaelzwei finger im abgrund200522'[Score]
Polansky, Larry(v'y'aal)
(and he ascended)
20149 pitched instruments[Score][Details]
Polansky, LarryfreeHorn2006variable with electronicsvariable[Details/Performance]
Porfiriadis, AlexisAir for movement20112 or more5' or moretext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisBetween the We and the I20183 or more7' or moretext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisBlossom Trio201738' or moretext with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisThe C Duo20142 (in an intimate relationship)6' or moretext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisCollective Thoughts2011/20143 or more5' or moretext with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisDrops2008-20094 or more with piano, percussion, 1 string, and 1 wind instrument5' or moretext with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisFor four people20184 or more2'30" or morepitch and rhythm with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisFrameless20194 to 6variabletext with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisHappy Notes/Sad Notes2012variablevariabletext with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisLove Song2016variable6' or moretext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisOne Minute is More Than One Minute>2011/20125 or more1' to 60'text[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisPing Pong Piece20182variabletext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisRadschlag20135 or more7' or moretext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisSTC for ensemble20124 or more6' or moretext with elements of graphic[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisTones, noises, melodies, and rhythms2015/20164 or more2' or moretext[Info][Score]
Porfiriadis, AlexisWords of Nothing20102 or more5' or moretext[Info][Score]
Posthuma, JonathanAncient Sound (No. 165)2019variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score/Performance]
Posthuma, JonathanThe Blooming Garden (No. 158)20193 or more8'-10'pitch and rhythm[Score/Performance]
Posthuma, JonathanColorful Flower Beds (No. 161)20192 or morevariablepitch and rhythm[Score/Performance]
Posthuma, JonathanCountry House of Thomas R. (No. 163)2019soloist with variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score/Performance]
Posthuma, JonathanLike a Window Pane (No. 155)20201 with variable fixed mediavariabletext[Score]
Posthuma, JonathanStatic-Dynamic Gradation (No. 157)2019variable (2 ensembles)variablepitch and rhythm[Score/Performance]
Pousseur, HenriEclipticare ou les périples constellés1, 2, or 312'[Details]
Pousseur, HenriIcare Apprenti1970variablevariable[Details]
Pousseur, HenriIcare obstiné1972[Details]
Pousseur, HenriMnémosyne II196910'-12'[Details]
Pousseur, HenriLes Noces d'Icare et de Mnémosyne198430'[Details]
Pousseur, HenriStravinsky au Futur197150'[Details]
Pousseur, HenriTarot Pérégrin1993bass and 6 instrumentspitch and rhythm[Details][Excerpt from score]
Pritchard, AlwynneThor Sleeps2004variable7'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Pritsker, GeneThe Aria Sinking20174 or morepitch and rhythm with elements of graphic[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneBlues Head and 5 Solos2009variablepitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneBlues Head and 7 Solos2009variablepitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneE-Cause20144 (treble, treble, bass, bass or all treble)pitch and rhythm[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneElements #120172 or more[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneElements #220181 with bass and drum set
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #120072 or morepitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #220074 or more with bass and drumspitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #320071 or morepitch and rhythm[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #420074 or morepitch and rhythm[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #520074 or morepitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #620074 or morepitch and rhythm[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #720083 or morepitch and rhythm[Performance]
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #820082 or morepitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneSound Liberation Improvisation #92008variablepitch and rhythm
Pritsker, GeneTwo Voice Chorals2012-20202 or morepitch and rhythm
Read, MartinLa Tarantella2004variable with percussion5'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Redman, WillArch Dry Pool2017variablevariablepitch and rhythm/graphic[Score]
Redman, WillA Bold Value2018variablevariablepitch and rhythm/graphic[Score]
Redman, WillBook2006variablevariablepitch and rhythm/graphic[Details/Score][Performance]
Redman, WillFive Pieces for John Dierker20131 or more treble instruments7'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Redman, WillHonoring Vertical Excellence 12011variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Redman, WillLume Vole20156variablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Redman, WillNarrative is Fugative20142 treble instruments8'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score][Performance]
Redman, WillScar Not O Crises2019variablevariablepitch and rhythm/graphic[Score]
Redman, WillSlow Moment2020variablevariablepitch and rhythm/graphic[Score]
Riley, TerryIn C1964variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Riley, TimothyFour Square20064 or more[Details]
Robert, Jean-LouisDomino1976variablevariable[Score][Performance]
Robert, Jean-LouisLithoïde I1976variablevariable[Score]
Robert, Jean-LouisLithoïde II19763variable[Score]
Robert, Jean-LouisLithoïde III1976variablevariable[Score]
Robert, Jean-LouisLithoïde IV1976variablevariable[Score]
Rose, GregoryPaliopoli Stone Study20053 or more playing stones[Details]
Rosenberg, ShoshanaBecoming Closer2018variablevariable
Rosenberg, ShoshanaMake a Decision2017variablevariabletext[Score]
Rosenberg, ShoshanaA New Option2017variablevariabletext[Score]
Rosenberg, ShoshanaSignal Vessel2017variable (groups of 3)variabletext[Score]
Russell, JonathanExpanding and Contracting20042 treble and 1 percussion8'30"pitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Rzewski, FredericComing Together1971variable20'pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Rzewski, FredericLes Moutons de Panurge1969variable15'+pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Rzewski, FredericThirteen Studies1977variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Schankler, IsaacIsolation Canon20203 or more instruments3'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score/Performance]
Scolding, EdDistressed Passacaglia201020 or more7'[Details]
Schuessler, PhilipBrain Gas Duo20172variablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipBrain Gas Quartet20184variablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipBrain Gas Score Builder2018variablevariablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipFive20075variablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipFourXTwo20134 or 81'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipHymn for the Arc Harvester20197 or more5'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipPrecision Music for Shitty Instruments202046'pitch and rhythm[Score]
Schuessler, PhilipSix20186variablepitch and rhythm[Score]
Segeant, MatthewEarthworks2019variable mobile instruments10'pitch and rhythm (with elements of graphic)[Details/Score]
Skempton, HowardAir Melody1978
Skempton, HowardChristmas Melody1983
Skempton, HowardHighland Melody1982
Skempton, HowardLament1972variable[Performance]
Skempton, HowardMay Pole1971variable5'pitch and rhythm[Score/Performance]
Skempton, HowardRecessional1983
Skempton, HowardSirens for Orchestra20064 or more (treble and bass)5'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 02010/20191 or morevariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 1 [Spoke]20108 or morevariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 4 [Big Bear]20115 instrumentalists and electronics6'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 520111 or morevariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 6 [Escalators]20115 or morevariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 6.120144variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 6.220144variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 6.32011/20184variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 8.12014815'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 920121610'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 9.120141010'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 11 [4x4]201246'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 1320135 or more instrumentalists and electronicsopenanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 142013/20181 or moreopenanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 14.120188openanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 15a [for Pauline Oliveros]201315openanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 15a.22013/201823openanimated
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 15c20131openanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 15c20131openanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 19201358'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 25 [scales]20148variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 27 [up or down]20148variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 282013up to 16variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 31_3201312 strings and windsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 31_3201312 strings and windsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 3220148 strings and/or windsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 32.120148 strings and/or windsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 34201410variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 35201350 singers or instrumentalistsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 3720148 strings and/or windsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 38 [Variations on Sol LeWitt’s Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes]2014/20188variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 3920145 or morevariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 40.1 [pulseighteen]201418 winds and/or stringsvariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 40.2 [pulseighty: pitched]20148012'animated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 40.3 [pulseven]20147variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 41 [rr:_____]20149 or morevariableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 4320145variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 51201654'animated[Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.120181variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.220182variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.320183variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.420184variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.520185variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.620186variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Smith, Ryan RossStudy no. 52.720187variableanimated[Details][Performance]
Steiner, TimoSea Canon20114 or more (high, medium high, medium low, low)pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Stockhausen, KarlheinzAus den sieben Tagen1968variablevariabletext[Score]
Stockhausen, KarlheinzTierkreis1974-75variablevariabletext[Details]
Sutherland, RowlandSoulistic201012 or more10'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Swayne, AdamMaggie Maggie Maggie! Sing Sing Sing!2004large ensemble with fixed media6'[Details]
Swayne, AdamMany Dark Actors Playing Games20094 or more with percussionpitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Talbot, ChrisGeneral Cluster20061 to 15 with drummers[Details]
Tanaka, KarenHolland Park Avenue Study20025 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Tenney, JamesChamber Music1964[Details]
Tenney, JamesChoreogram1964variable with dancers[Details]
Tenney, JamesCritical Band1988/2000variable with tape delay[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesForm 11993variable18'50"[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesForm 21993variable16'50"[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesForm 31993variable14'10"[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesForm 41993variable16'10"[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesHarmonium #11976variable20'[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesHarmonium #7200012 or more9'-18'[Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesIn a large, open space199412 or morevariable[Score][Score][Performance]
Tenney, JamesIn a large, reverberant space199512 or morevariable[Score]
Tenney, JamesMetabolic Music1965[Details]
Tenney, JamesTimbre Ring1971[Score][Performance]
Ticheli, FrankIn C Dorian20203 or morevariavble[Score]
Toovey, AndrewAcrobats199512 or more10'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Toovey, AndrewMusic for Painter Jack Smith20027 with conductor playing bass drum7'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Toovey, AndrewOldham20104 or morepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Toovey, AndrewWalking Fanfare20148 or more4'pitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Torry, TimA Canon for Alan20074[Details]
Ueno, KenTimbre Studies2018variablevariabletext
Venables, PhilipDutch Courage2004treble, bass, and percussion instruments4'30pitch and rhythm[Score][Performance]
Vivier, ClaudePulau Dewata1977variable12'[Details/Score]
Walshe, Jenniferhe was she was20084 or more with fixed media5'10"pitch and rhythm[Details]
Walshe, JenniferThis Is Why People OD On Pills/and Jump from the Golden Gate Bridge20042 to 105'[Details][Performance]
Weeks, Jamesærc quartets2016/20184 string instruments28'[Details][Score]
Weeks, JamesCornish String Music 201516 or more orchestral string instruments15'pitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Weeks, JamesFantastic Alarms of the Shaking Lumanances200612 or more18'[Details]
Weeks, JamesOlympic Frieze201412 or morevariablepitch and rhythm[Details][Score][Performance]
Weeks, JamesStacking, Weaving, Building, Joining20066 or more pitched instrumentsvariablepitch and rhythm[Details][Score]
Weir, JudithSinfonia Comatica20147 or more1'30"[Score][Recording]
Williams, NickCastvariable8'[Details]
Williamson, JamesOld Peculiar2008[Details]
[Wolff, Ann]Chideock Beach 20024 or more4[Details]
Wolff, ChristianBraverman Music19784 or more[Score]
Wolff, ChristianBrooklyn20156 or more[Score]
Wolff, ChristianBurdocks1970-715 or more[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianDijon20124 to 10[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianFor 1, 2, or 3 People19641, 2, or 3[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianFor 5 or 10 People19625 or 10[Score]
Wolff, ChristianGrete (Microexercises 23-36)20072 or more[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianHands and Others20143 or more[Score]
Wolff, ChristianI Like to Think of Harriet Tubman1985female voice, and one each of treble, alto, and bass instruments[Score]
Wolff, ChristianIn Between Pieces19633[Score]
Wolff, ChristianMetal and Breath20072 or more[Score]
Wolff, ChristianMicroexercises20061 or more[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianOr 4 People19941 to 4[Score]
Wolff, ChristianPairs19682, 4, 6, or 8[Score]
Wolff, ChristianResistance2016-17at least 10[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianSanta Fe20124 or more[Score]
Wolff, ChristianSeptet19647 and conductor[Score]
Wolff, ChristianSnowdrop19701 or more[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianTilbury1969any number[Score][Performance]
Wolff, ChristianTilbury 2 and 31969any number[Score]
Wolff, ChristianTilbury 41969any number[Score]
Wolff, ChristianWhere20156 or more[Score]
Wollschleger, ScottDigital Sensation2007variable[Details][Performance]
Wollschleger, ScottFolding2012variable[Details]
Wollschleger, ScottOur Sense of the Real Part IV2018variable8'[Details]
Wolters, MichaelBallungsraum2010solo for low string instrument and 3 or more variablepitch and rhythm[Details/Score]
Z, PamelaTwenty Answers2008variabletext[Details][Recording]
Zorn, JohnCobra1984variabletext[Score][Performance]